Monday, September 28, 2009

Life is detracting from my blogging!

I appreciate those of you that have been checking back, not finding anything and still checking back again! YIKES! Once we got back from Vegas, I was immediately thrown into preparation mode for my vow renewal that happened this past Saturday. And now I'm preparing to leave for a little over a week to head to NM for Balloon Fiesta and all the festive stuff that goes along with that. Then I'll be coming back to Halloween prep. But I do promise that blogging and pics will be a top priority when I return. Don't lose hope, for I am still here. Just busy as all hell!!! I will return October 9th and I look forward to posting about Vegas, about the vow renewal and about New Mexico. So don't give up on me, life has just been entirely too busy, which really, how can I complain?!? It's been a good busy! Chat with you soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another checked off the list.

Big Daddy and I just returned yesterday from a 4 day trip to Las Vegas. I have loads of photos and plenty of stories, unfortunately I still have to take care of that pesky business of buying some more Picassa Web album space. I also need to sift through hundreds of photos and get all of my thoughts straight. Vegas is a place that boggles the mind and I've yet to recover! Hopefully, by this weekend I'll have it all together and be able to post some great pics and some funny stories! So check back in a couple of days!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to make Troll Bogeys aka green slime!

Today was the "official" start of our homeschool year. Granted,we school to a certain extent year round, but today was the day we hopped back into the more serious curriculum. I promised myself and the Monkey Man that we would have hands-on science experiments at least once or twice a week to make up for our lost science co-op. Needless to say, I have been scouring the internet and science books looking for age appropriate projects we can do with household items. Last week I stumbled across a video of how to make phosphorescent slime. OK, phosphorescence would have been mucho cool, but you just can't find Zinc sulfide at the local HEB, so we had to settle for neon food coloring! If you are so inclined to make slime with your kid... here's the recipe:

1 cup water soluble glue (We found a big container of non-toxic, plain white glue at Hobby Lobby)
food coloring
4 tsp. Borax

What to do:
1. Get two mixing bowls. In the first bowl, mix 3/4 cup warm water with 1 cup of glue and some food coloring until you get the desired color.
2. In the second bowl (which should be large enough to house both mixtures) mix 4 tsp. borax with 1 1/3 cup of warm water.
3. Pour the glue mixture into the borax mixture but DON'T STIR IT!
4. Let it sit for about a minute or so until it congeals, then let your little scientist lift it out of the bowl.

5. You now officially have slime, or bonafide troll bogeys! You can store this mixture in a ziploc bag. I'm not sure of how long it will last though. We'll see!
6. If your slime needs to be more slimy, add a bit more glue. If your slime is too sticky add a bit of the borax mixture and work in. The consistency seemed to change the more we played with it. So I added borax mixture several times and at the end before we stored it, I added a smidge more of the borax mixture, just to keep it slick.

The Monkey Man has enjoyed this immensely! If it's green, looks like boogers and makes farting noises, it's ALL GOOD! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You have got to be freakin' kidding me!

OK, I wasn't even remotely planning to blog again until sometime over the weekend. And I was totally intending to blog about warm fuzzy things such gardening or homeschooling or post some bitchin' pictures, but then I read an article that ABSOLUTELY FLOORED ME, well several articles. Fair warning, rant with profanity to follow...

President Barack Obama will be addressing the nation's school children on Tuesday, Sept. 8th. OH THE HORROR! It seems there is a whole group of people wanting to boycott this speech and yank their kids out of school that day. God forbid you let your child view a speech by the ELECTED leader of our country! I'm sorry, but you have got to be fucking kidding me. Whether you like Barack Obama or not, he's the President. And you owe it to your children to be an adult here! Seriously. Just because you didn't vote for the man and just because you don't agree with his administration does not mean you get to go act like a spoiled 3 year-old who didn't get his way! What is this teaching your kid? I did not vote for George W. Bush. I did not agree with most of the things that went on during his presidency. I WOULD HAVE ALLOWED my kid to view a speech made to the American students had he ever presented one! No matter what President was making the speech, my kid would be viewing it. It is a part of our culture, a part of our government, a part of our history. Get a grip!

And what the hell are these people so afraid of? Ooooooh yeah, he's recruiting a civilian army and brainwashing the students (probably using subliminal messaging too) just what any good leader of a totalitarian regime would do! Are these people out of their goddamn minds? It's a speech. It will be discussing the importance of studying, of staying in school, of trying to be all that you can be, encouraging the youth of America to step it up! Holy shit, maybe they're right! WE MUST BOYCOTT! No way I want my kid encouraged to do well, that's un-American, I tell ya! If my kid wants to grow up to be a completely worthless ass-clown, then by God, he's an American and he's earned that right. ENTITLED to it even!!! Let some crazy ass Black man tell my kid to work hard and make something of himself... THE NERVE!

I always laugh because many people I've met who have questioned my homeschooling choices have accused me of trying to "shelter" my children from the "REAL WORLD". Well what the hell is up with yanking your kid out of school for a day so they DON'T get to watch the President's speech? I think it's a fair assumption here that these folks are "sheltering" their children from the "REAL WORLD". Who'd a thunk it? It is yet just another situation in which people are proving how divisive this country has become. People are so terrified that their children might hear a speech and form a conclusion of their own that might possibly contradict Mom and Dad's ideologies. It's fucking sad. I'm sure those of you that follow this blog are well aware that I would consider myself liberal. But just because I'm a liberal and a registered Democrat does not mean that the Monkey Man or the Piglet have to follow in my footsteps! There will be a time when they both have to make decisions for themselves as to what they believe and how they want to vote. I want to encourage them to learn about the democratic process and about how government works. I want more than anything for them to make INFORMED DECISIONS. That's all I ask. I did not have my children to make little "Mini-Me's" of myself or Big Daddy. I want them to grow into upstanding INDIVIDUALS (i.e. not little duplicates of myself) that have respect for their fellow citizens and who are active and productive members of society.

I can tell you, my kid will be in front of the TV watching the President's speech on Tuesday. I hope it will be something that the Monkey Man can relate to and feel uplifted. I feel pity for those who are not allowing their children to participate. I'm sure they'll get alot more out of "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" that afternoon.

I have not abandoned you!

Hello All! I just wanted to check in to let you know that I have not abandoned this blog! As you can tell from the last post, I have been busily preparing for the start of our school year. Making lesson plans, organizing the house, trying to find creative ways to deal with a preschooler while schooling a 2nd grader, and working hard to find field trips and other educational opportunities that might get us out of the house this fall since we've been cooped up inside for months! I am also needing to purchase more storage space for my photos. Blogger is informing me that I'm about to max out my Picassa Web album, so I need to figure out how to do that, and it will hopefully happen this weekend and I'll be back to blogging like crazy! So please bear with me!